SuperES Program of formative intervention


i) Implement the SuperES Program of formative intervention to 95% of the assistants to improve pedagogic supervision.
ii) Improve the pedagogic didactic literacy and the good practices of Pedagogic Supervision of the IPV Assistants.


The implementation of a formative intervention Program SuperES, involve formative interventions which could decrease the knowledge gap about the pedagogical didactic in pedagogical supervision skills of assistants. The main approach of this program it is inserted in a perspective of developing of competences, as a process which aims to train professor to improve their practices. It will be operationalized carrying out a research-action.
The target group has 5438 participants (5025 students and 412 professors) of the five IPV’s Organic Unities. The sample would have 210 assistants/professors to 900 students. After the identification of needs, it will be applied the formative intervention program to promote practices of pedagogical supervision.  Methodology it will be an experimental search with two groups: an experimental group comprising 20% of population that will receive formation and a control group.
After the identifications of needs to organize the training program (A1), it will be applied in order to promote pedagogical supervision skills. We aim an intervention focused on the pedagogical didactic to develop competences which could conduct to a changing of attitudes and behaviours benefit to pedagogy.


The SuperES Program to increase knowledge about pedagogical supervision didactic  with impact on competencies and practices of pedagogical Supervision