Submission Regulations

Pedagogic Supervision: Innovative Practices in XXI Century regulation for submitting oral communications and posters (with abstracts)


1.1. It would be selected and admitted works in the the category of oral communications and posters

Oral Communications – Oral Communications aim to share perspectives and results of empirical and innovative researching or from different projects as well as theorical revisions with a relevant impact in pedagogical practices and school attainment. They should be done in the moment designated for that purpose and the discussion would be conduct by an invited moderator.
The oral communications can take a maximum of ten minutes and then would be opened a period to discuss the presentation with the audience.
Poster – The posters are presentations about preliminary empirical researches, case studies, theorical reflection proposals as well as the description of the current projects. They should obey to these dimensions: 100 cm high x 80 cm wide. The content should be visible over 1,5 m away.Every poster presentations should be done in 3 minutes and the will be gave 2 minutes to it public discussion.

1.2. Authors can submit until 3 works as the first author. At least, one author of the works must be registered with the congress.
1.3. Works must be submitted taking into account the summary format available.
1.4. The authors of the works accepted, will be informed through the scientific committee.


The summaries of oral presentations should have a maximum of 2200 characters.
If applicable to an empirical research the summary should present the following sections:
– Introduction (including the main goal);
– Methodology and participants;
– Empirical Results;
– Conclusions;
– Keywords (a maximum of 5 words);
If applicable to a theorical proposal, the summary should present the following sections:
– Introduction;
– New perspectives/guidelines;
– Theorical-practical implications;
– Final Considerations;
The proposals should be fit in the following thematics:
– Early higher school leaving;
– Alumni and Academic/School Sucess;
– The role of student’s associations and Academic Achievement;
– Education, Didatic and Educational Practices;
– International Student and Academic/School achievement;
– Internationalisation of Higher Education;
– Interiority and school/academic leaving;
– The role of mentoring and perception towards the learning process;
– Educational Policy to promote school attainment and designated to combat early school leaving and educational failure.
– Different pedagogical supervision practices applied in different academic training.
– Mobility Programs and school/academic sucess;
– Pedagogical and educational realities in nacional and international universities;
– Academic achievement and failure;
– Clinic Supervision in nursing/health;
– Educational Supervisional
– Other educational and training context.
In order to facilitate summaries format, it is recommended that the authors use the layout available – Click here to download the summary template
In order to submit the poster, authors should following the present model: –  Click here to download the poster template 


The submission of the proposals to present oral communications and posters (with summaries) should be done until June 05th.
The decision of the scientific committee on the acceptance of the works (free communication and presentation of posters) will be communicated until June 11th.


All the works presented will be certified.
It, also, will be assigning a certificate to the best oral communication and/or poster.