Multidisciplinary Handbook


Elaborate and provide guidelines to support recommendations and orientations to improve practices promoters of pedagogical supervision skills.


Guidelines will be passed to the target group: professors/assistants and students. It is pretended make a review of international and national current recommendations.
Preparing an Multidisciplinary Handbook – Dynamics of Success in Higher Education, guiding of pedagogical supervision skills. Elaboration of this handbook it’s relevant to:
i) Define and disseminate recommendations based on evidences about the development of pedagogical supervisions skills;
ii) Define training interventions based structured and promoters of pedagogical supervision skills;
iii) Define strategies which could allow an intervention useful in successful learning process.
The design of Multidisciplinary Handbook will include chapters of pedagogical supervision didactic such as: Innovative Models of Pedagogical Supervision; Learning Styles, Critical Thinking and Reflection; Processes of Pedagogical Supervision as conflict resolution; Communication in Supervision; Autonomy, decision-making and conflict resolution; Relation between supervisor-supervised; Interventions promoters of mentoring and perceptoring;  Ethical-deontological dimension in pedagogical Supervision.
It is, also, expected include chapters developed by invited specialists.


Multidisciplinary Handbook – Dynamics of Success in Higher Education
The recommendations expressed in guidelines will be settle in awareness pedagogy and will be constructed in a logic of articulation with pedagogical supervision didactic.
It’s dynamic and sequential structure will present a decision flow chart that will support a connection between scientific evidence and valuable practices promoters of pedagogical supervision skills.
It is pretended that professors could have access to the Handbook in order to be able to fil their needs and guide learnings with achievements in pedagogical supervision skills.