Promote mental health and citizenship as a civic, cultural and social value to be preserved;
To facilitate the knowledge and international exchange of experiences and research among agents of the spectrum of Health and Education in the field of Mental Health, Quality of Life and Citizenship;
Contribute to the construction of educational and social responses adequate to the priority areas of intervention in the field of health defined by WHO;
Disseminate intervention models in Health Education that promotes the improvement of the overall health status in children and adolescents;
To promote the dissemination of scientific articles as the basis of a practice based on the best scientific evidence.

Groups Target

Health professionals
Education Professionals
Social and Human Sciences Professionals
Students of Courses in Health Sciences, Education and Social and Human Sciences
Security Agents
Other Community Agents

Scientific Adequacy and Publications

The I INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS QUALITY OF LIFE, CITIZENSHIP AND MENTAL HEALTH is a scientific event with scientific qualification conferred by the Technical-Scientific Council of the ESSV.
Publication of abstracts: Abstracts of papers submitted and accepted by the scientific committee of the congress will be published in an e-book, with ISBN registration.
Publication of complete articles: Authors who wish to publish a scientific paper in Full Paper format are given the possibility to submit it to the evaluation of the Acta Paulista Nursing Journal, respecting and following the norms of the same.
The total number of training hours to be credited by the congress will be 14 hours.

Liability and insurance

The Organizing Committee and Secretariat of the Congress cannot accept any responsibility for personal accidents, loss or damage to the private property of participants and companions.

Proponent institution:

Polytechnic of Viseu

Institution and research unit to host the project:

School of Health of Viseu
Research Unit in Health Sciences and Education

Participating Institutions:

Municipality of Viseu
Polytechnic of Guarda
Tondela-Viseu Hospital Center
Grouping of Schools Infante Dº Henrique

Co-financing entities:

Centro 2020
Portugal 2020
European Union
Foundation for Science and Technology